Which Photo Booth is Best for Your Event?

Are you planning an event? Wedding? Baby shower? Birthday party? Graduation party? We highly recommend you try one of our photo booths! Not only are they convenient, but they’re so much fun! So it’s decided- you want a photo booth. But now a problem lies before you: which photo booth should you get? Consider this our go-to guide for photo booth selection! Simply scroll down for a description of each photo booth and what it offers. In no time, you’ll be snapping pictures in a photo booth at your next bar mitzvah! (Or other equally fun event, of course.)


Luxury Open Air Boomerang and GIF Booth

Our Boomerang and GIF booth brings the simplicity of modern technology and the fun of photo booths together! However instead of traditional photos, this booth brings a slight twist. Guests can take short, moving videos and GIFs on this stellar new photo booth setup! With an easy-to-navigate system and nearly instant text/email program, attendees will receive their picture before they even leave the photo booth. This booth also comes with an attendant who sets up the booth, takes down the booth, and stays around the whole time to help prevent any technical difficulties. If you are a client, feel free to provide your own props and backdrop! However, this booth is just as cool without them! (Up to 3 hours)

Luxury Open Air Digital Photo Booth

Similar to our boomerang and GIF booth, this booth is all digital and results are provided instantly to guest’s phone! The major difference between this booth and our previous booth is the capability to take pictures! This booth provides boomerang and GIFs, but also provides high quality photos that can be emailed or texted immediately. This booth also comes with one attendant who sets up and tears down the booth as well as keeps an eye on the booth throughout the whole event. Clients may feel free to provide props or a backdrop, but results will be just as fun if this photo booth is set up against a wall! This booth is recommended for its accessibility. (Up to 3 hours)

Luxury Open Air Photo Booth with Color Prints

Do you desire the traditional photo booth look? Do you want prints for your guests to take home instead of digital photos? If you answered yes to the above questions, this is the photo booth for you! This photo booth is small and functional, built to be easily navigated by guests. However- as opposed to the digital booths- this booth prints out a 4×6 photo including three pictures and an adorable graphic we design specifically for your event! You choose a backdrop from our selection for us to set up and props are also provided to add to the fun of the event! An attendant brings all the supplies to the venue and proceeds to set up the booth, tear down the booth, and hang around to help in the off chance that a technical issue arises. With this booth you receive unlimited 4×6 prints and (within 72 hours) all the digital files from the event via online download. (Up to 3 hours)

Black and White Glam Photo Booth

The black and white glam photo booth has been popularized by Justin Bieber’s wedding to Hailey Baldwin. Since the Beibs got married, black and white photo booths have been in high demand. This photo booth prints high contrast 4×6 black and white prints that can be taken home immediately! This booth also creates a beautifully modern and sleek print that can add a touch of sophistication to any event. We are absolutely in love with this photo booth! Features of this booth include a clean, white background and an attendant that takes care of every possible need. The attendant also brings our box of props with them in case any of the guests want to try out some fun decor. This booth provides unlimited 4×6 prints and all digital files delivered within 72 hours. Stay classy at your next event with our glam black and white photo booth! (Up to 3 hours)