Classic and Cool

Meet Our Color Print Booth

Similar to a traditional photo booth, our color print booth prints off a 4×6 immediately with three high quality DSLR pictures so that the guests have something to take home with them! Scroll down to learn more!

Do you desire the traditional photo booth look? Do you want prints for your guests to take home instead of digital photos? If you answered yes to the above questions, this is the photo booth for you! This photo booth is small and functional, built to be easily navigated by guests. However- as opposed to the digital booths- this booth prints out a 4×6 photo including three pictures and an adorable graphic we design specifically for your event! You choose a backdrop from our selection for us to set up and props are also provided to add to the fun of the event! An attendant brings all the supplies to the venue and proceeds to set up the booth, tear down the booth, and hang around to help in the off chance that a technical issue arises. With this booth you receive unlimited 4×6 prints and (within 72 hours) all the digital files from the event via online download. (Up to 3 hours)